About the DJ

Short ‘n Sweet Intro

  • Life-long musicians & DJ – playing weddings since 2006
  • 2 professionals for the price of 1!
  • Easy-going, fun & love to entertain
  • Fantastic audio & lighting equipment
  • Mixes any music from 1920’s swing to 2016 electronic (with DJ beat-matching)
  • Confident & experienced MC
  • Features live guitar & voice + my partner on live harmonium & voice
  • Makes collaborative playlists with clients
  • Creates custom proposals for clients
  • Free Calls / Skype or In-Person intro meetings
  • Hire us & have so much fun at your wedding!!!


Life Story Intro

I’m a DJ & Musician and I specialize in celebrations.  I’ve been playing weddings for almost ten years and I love my work!  I offer a free in-person meeting, call, or Skype to see if I’m the right person to bring your wedding dreams to life.

My services cover any or all aspects of wedding & receptions: Ceremony, Cocktail/Games Hours, Dinner, Toasts and Dancing.  My services feature all necessary sound and lighting equipment, mics and a fantastic ceremony PA system.  My lighting rig includes multiple moving and changing flashing dance strobes, uplighting and gorgeous slow-moving lasers, to get the mood right. My dance sound system features a thumping subwoofer and I just invested in new QSC speakers for the highest quality sound available, period.

I can play any type of music my clients might request, but I do tend to gravitate towards feel-good dance music. I moonlight as a club & festival DJ so I’ve always got my finger on cutting edge electronic dance, pop & whompy bass music, but honestly… My heart pumps the classics.

80s & 90s pop from Michael Jackson to Madonna — 70s disco & funk from Stevie Wonder to the Bee Gees — 50s & 60s Classics from the Beatles to Elvis — And I have a special penchant for throwing it way back, 50s crooners like Frank Sinatra, 40s Big Band swingers like Glenn Miller — and my personal favorite: the fast jazz from the 20s-30s called Rag-Time – so much fun!

I meet with my clients to determine what music they would love to hear and what music they do NOT want to hear (very important). We typically make collaborative playlists together with discussion around the intended energy for each segment. Day of, I bring our musical plans to life and adjust on the fly as appropriate.

I’m a published singer songwriter.  For a live element, I can serenade my clients with voice and guitar. My beautiful partner Sita frequently plays her harmonium and sings with me as well.  As a performer for almost 20 years, I am also very confident behind the mic as the MC (Master of Ceremonies).

My partner and I love to dress up for an occasion. If our clients would like us dressed in a theme, matching the decor, or to play an acting role – we love to bring our clients’ dreams to life!

In my experience, the wedding DJ is in charge of the energy & mood for my clients’ biggest day. I use the power of sound (and absence of) to create the atmosphere for the experiences they desire. I take this responsibility seriously and I truly enjoy creating life experiences with my life-long love for music.

My rates are flexible to what is needed for the celebration.  I have packages available or I can design a proposal specifically for your needs.  Hire us and have so much fun at your wedding!

Please email or call me to discuss rates or to hear example sets and playlists

Call me: Brandon Bosch  (303) 931-0812

Email me:  TheCelebrationDJ@gmail.com


“Brandon is the best wedding DJ in the bay.  He’s very professional, has top of the line equipment and is very reliable, but also is incredibly fun and knows how to throw a party.  His music taste is the perfect blend of classical wedding tunes from the past and present and he always seems to play the right song at the right time.  I’m a wedding photographer and I always recommend Brandon when a client needs a DJ–he’s the best!”

~ Quincy Cardinale – San Francisco


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